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  • Select the normal map you want to make changes with in the Project Grid.

    Click the "Pen" Icon, next to the normal map, to enter the Normal Editor.

    Use the Select Tool (Ctrl+2) to select a region.

    Use Ctrl+C to copy the reg…

  • This would be pretty fast and easy to develop and I could post the plugin here if you are willing to test it.

    Here is what I am thinking.

    • I'd write a new map type plugin, lets call it HSVL.
    • It will take an RGB map as…
  • Yes, I will be working on SM5. My life has been pretty busy with other projects and work over the last couple of years.

    No ETA.

    in ShaderMap 5? Comment by RSI April 16
  • Green is Y for normal maps and I believe this needs to be flipped for Unreal. Try it and test your results.

    You can just click the RH (Right-Handed) button in the Coordinate System Setup to get the flipped settings.

    in Unreal Normals Comment by RSI November 2023

  • The LH coordinate system uses a -1 to represent Near. This will always result in a weaker Blue component when encoding a number ranged -1 to +1 into a value of 0 to +1.

    Let's take a normal vector. ( 0, 0, -1 ) that points Near in LH coord…

  • Thanks for posting your solution. On my systems, I have those options enabled and it doesn’t interfere with normal operation.

    Perhaps this will help someone else having the same issue.
  • Hi Melvin,

    Lets start with your ShaderMap installation location. It looks like its in "E: \ ShaderMap 4".

    I am betting that Windows doesn't like something installed outside of "C: \ Program Files" having access to the user directo…

  • That appears to be the case. The current image loader will be replaced on the next version, SM5 (no release date). I'll make sure larger file sizes are supported during integration.

    In the meantime, when loading larger images, try to use …

  • I have confirmed that the following file formats work for 16k. EXR and TIF.

    The image loader for many of the common file formats is an external library not controlled by us. It has issues with large files.

    Below you can see an imp…

  • Have you tried loading the texture in a different file format, other than jpg?

  • Hi JParker,

    I would suggest doing the following:

    • Uninstall ShaderMap 4
    • Locate "C:\ Program Files \ ShaderMap 4" and ensure all files are deleted
    • Locate "C:\ Users \ [USERNAME] \ Documents \ ShaderMap \ SM4_3…
  • ShaderMap expects the lights to be horizontal, pointing towards the center of object. The height is relative to the surface of the object being scanned. Ideally it would be centered between the highest and lowest points on the surface of the obje…

  • These bugs have now been fixed in the 4.3.8 version.

  • You can remove the color from the PBR Specular map by doing the following:

    1. Select the Specular Map node in the Project Grid
    2. In the Map Properties, Drag the Color Alpha to 0 (Zero).

    Doing this will stop the map g…

  • The Light Scan Node is a special kind of source input node. It is similar to the 3D model source node. These are built into the ShaderMap code and are not created using the SDK.

    If you want to create a unique map that uses the Light Scan …

  • There is no built in interface for batch processing with the Light Scan node.

    You could use LUA batch scripting. You will need to be familiar with LUA script and have a PRO version of the software.

    Select the Light Scan node then …

  • Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your question and nice words.

    A Seat License is assignable to a single user. If you have multiple users then you will need multiple Seat Licenses. You can read the full ShaderMap license file here: in Seats - Seat Licenses Comment by RSI January 2022

  • Hi Gary,

    That error is usually caused when a resource file isn't found or has somehow become corrupted.

    Uninstall ShaderMap. Be sure that ALL files and folders are removed from "C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 4" folder AFTER uninstall…

  • Thanks for providing me with the error. I don't think installing ShaderMap 4.3.6 will fix the problem. You need to delete the following file and run ShaderMap again.

    "C:\Users \ [YOUR USERNAME] \ Documents\ShaderMap\SM4_3\default_filename…

  • I would be happy to provide you with the 4.3.6 installer. But first…

    Can you please tell me the exact error you are getting and how to recreate it?

    I must ensure this isn’t happening to other users.

  • Hi VB,

    You can select the export file format, and bit depth, from the "Save Map to File" Dialog.

    1. Select a Map Node in the Project Grid
    2. Click on the Save "Disk" Icon to bring up the dialog box
    3. Select the expo…
  • Beta B will become 4.3.7 and pushed to auto updates on 2021-09-14 2021-09-15

  • Beta Version B is out. It adds the requested 125% scaling.

  • Hey Phil,

    "Can you do more scale options ?"

    I can add a 125% in without too much trouble. It'll be in BETA B.

    Thanks for the feedback,

  • The BETA version has been released. I am closing this thread. All discussion of the BETA is now here: https://rendering.systems/forums/inde…

  • Just an update, still encountering misc bugs, mostly have them confined to the external material visualizer. Hoping to get a BETA build released by end of week first week in July.

  • All UI components now support scaling. Next I'll clean up some visual bugs and do a code review. Once that is complete I'll create the BETA installer and release it.

    Getting close now.

  • MatViz, Model Setup and Light Scan Setup UI are scaled. Next the Normal Editor, then BETA release.

    Follow the above comment for the progress list:

    in Dev Progress: UI Scaling Comment by RSI June 2021

  • Finished with the core Material Visualizer. Found an embarrassing error which stopped the External Visualizer window from reading mouse coordinates properly on a different monitor. I am not sure how long this bug has been there, it's fixed now, s…

  • This is a screen shot of the main interface scaled to 200%. Some icons still need cleaned up or redrawn, I'll do that during the BETA release.