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  • Beta B will become 4.3.7 and pushed to auto updates on 2021-09-14 2021-09-15

  • Beta Version B is out. It adds the requested 125% scaling.

  • Hey Phil,

    "Can you do more scale options ?"

    I can add a 125% in without too much trouble. It'll be in BETA B.

    Thanks for the feedback,

  • The BETA version has been released. I am closing this thread. All discussion of the BETA is now here: https://rendering.systems/forums/inde…

  • Just an update, still encountering misc bugs, mostly have them confined to the external material visualizer. Hoping to get a BETA build released by end of week first week in July.

  • All UI components now support scaling. Next I'll clean up some visual bugs and do a code review. Once that is complete I'll create the BETA installer and release it.

    Getting close now.

  • MatViz, Model Setup and Light Scan Setup UI are scaled. Next the Normal Editor, then BETA release.

    Follow the above comment for the progress list:

    in Dev Progress: UI Scaling Comment by RSI June 25

  • Finished with the core Material Visualizer. Found an embarrassing error which stopped the External Visualizer window from reading mouse coordinates properly on a different monitor. I am not sure how long this bug has been there, it's fixed now, s…

  • This is a screen shot of the main interface scaled to 200%. Some icons still need cleaned up or redrawn, I'll do that during the BETA release.

  • "When I change the destination path, I lose the suffix."

    Yes, the suffix is applied to the auto-generated filenames when creating projects from Start Screen (default projects). If you change the filename then the suffix is not reapplied.<…

  • Hi bruoj,

    Set the save format in the options, as you have done. Now every time you create a new project or add a new map to an existing project, it will have the correct output format assigned. Changing the save format options will not ch…

  • You are very welcome, I am glad things are working for you now.

    My only thought is that possibly you were trying to save the file while it was being uploaded to the OneDrive cloud servers, and that was interfering with ShaderMap making …
  • I'm glad you were able to get the normal blending working! Way to go.

    As for the project save error. It looks like ShaderMap is unable to delete the data folder before re-creating it.

    Something on your system may interfering with …

  • Your PNG is perfectly fine, I tested it working.

    Have you made certain that the Base Map is assigned to INPUT 1 on the Blend Map?

    • Click and drag the little circle on top of the base map (when the blend map is…
  • Good morning,

    Below is an image demonstrating how to apply a mask to Normal Editor normals when blending to an existing normal map. In this project I have a blank map (this will be your existing normal map from a 3d model) as well as a no…

  • Thanks for your question. I’m out of the office the rest of the night. I’ll reply tomorrow with a method to do what you are asking about with normal map masking. Thanks for your patience.

  • This is a list of ShaderMap UI Controls that need to be updated to support scaling. I will update the list as I make progress.

    Last update June 28, 2021

    Once this list is complete, I'll be posting BETA versions fo…

  • Hi Tarot,

    "I work with TGA images but the displacement and normal maps insist on saving as PNG files. The other map files that save when pressing the save all button all save as TGA. I have not changed anything via the settings.<…

  • Finished scaling / redrawing all 250+ icons and graphics used by ShaderMap.

    On the programming side of things, I've developed a new resource manager that will load UI artwork given the current scale. Completed the scaling of the Splash sc…

  • Development of UI scaling has started.. Just going to keep posting updates here to help motivate me through this arduous process.

    Currently have a lot of the structure in place for communicating to all UI elements their expected scale. Fo…

  • Hi Phil,

    This needs to be done next. I am making it a priority. It will be the last feature added before I move on to SM5 development.

    SM 4.3.6 will be released soon to fix an issue with accessing user directories then I'm focused…

  • HAHA! Your reaction is worth all the effort :smiley:

    Glad you were able to get it working.

    I am going to ad…

  • Try to reboot your computer and see if that works.

    If it doesn't work, try to Right Click on the Documents folder again and see if the Location tab is now available. If so, Reset to Default and press OK.

    This is such a strange sit…

  • (Quote)

    First make sure you know where your Documents folder is located on the hard drive. You can find it in "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME". It is just called "Documents". Once you are sure of the location and that it exists then follow the next ste…

  • Another thing you can try is to make sure that the User Documents folder is setup correctly in the registry.

    Navigate to "This PC" in the Explorer window and you will see the Document folder.

    1. Right Click the Documents Folder …
  • Thanks for trying that Gary,

    Next I'd like you to download and install both Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes from the links below. Try to run ShaderMap again. You may need to restart your system after installing the runtimes.

  • Locate the following file on your system:

    "C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 4\res\xml\default_filename_overrides.xml"

    Copy it to the following directory:

    "C:\Users\USER NAME\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4_3"

    If that directory d…

  • An update - The bug has been fixed and will be released in ShaderMap 4.3.5 later this month.

    The issue was affecting any map node with non map type parents.

  • Thanks for reporting this issue.

    I was able to replicate the bug and will add it to the critical bug list and will release a fix in the next release.

    ** Upon further investigation it appears this might be affecting all maps genera…

  • Hi emrex,

    There isn't currently a way to resample images before ShaderMap saves them to file. I would recommend saving the files in a lossless format then use an auto-resize application to scale and convert to JPEG.

    You should be …