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How to Create a Preset to Save All Maps?

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How can I create a preset to save all the maps with the following format?

Save all maps

Albedo_________PNG RGB 8-bit
Metalness______PNG RGB 8-bit
Roughness_____PNG RGB 8-bit
Normal________PNG RGB 8-bit
Displacement___EXR RGB 32-bit
AO___________PNG RGB 8-bit
Gloss_________PNG RGB 8-bit
RMA_________PNG RGB 8-bit
RMAD________PNG RGB 8-bit

In setting Save formats does not change the output format.






  • Hi bruoj,

    Set the save format in the options, as you have done. Now every time you create a new project or add a new map to an existing project, it will have the correct output format assigned. Changing the save format options will not change any existing project's output settings.

    I could add an option to override all output formats, even from existing projects, this would disable the user's ability to change the output format from the save map dialog. Let me know what you think.


  • 1.-First Change the format.
    2.-Then open a new project.

    It works ok.

    When I change the destination path, I lose the suffix.






    I do not understand the last part. :/

    Proposal to save configuration.


  • "When I change the destination path, I lose the suffix."

    Yes, the suffix is applied to the auto-generated filenames when creating projects from Start Screen (default projects). If you change the filename then the suffix is not reapplied.

    "I do not understand the last part"

    The "Batch As" section is how ShaderMap generates filenames when batch processing source maps.

    Large changes to the map export system are going to be implemented in ShaderMap 5. I am currently working on the final release of SM4, development of SM5 will be available after that. I like the idea of setting the Export File Format in the Default Projects section of the Options.

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