[FIXED] Crash When Loading Mask for Albedo [Diff]

When loading a mask for challenging Albedo removal SM4 crashes to the desktop.

The image can be found here:  http://www.mb3d.co.uk/mb3d/Ground_Seamless_and_Tileable_High_Res_Textures_files/Ground9_1.jpg

I was hoping to use the Spec texture as a mask for the Albedo creation.  Right or wrong, the Spec texture generated from the above linked image crashes SM4 when used as a mask.


  • Thanks for the report, I will investigate this crash and get back with you.

  • In addition to the crash on apply mask to Albedo (Diff), the following map plugins were also exhibiting this error:

    Blend Maps, Blend Normals, and Albedo from Photos.

    The errors have been located and fixed. The fixes will be included with version 4.0.7 releasing later this month.

    Thanks again for reporting this error.
  • Awesome.  Thank you very much for the quick work around.
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