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edited March 2021 in ShaderMap 4

how to change the resolution and quality settings of textures before saving for output.
for example our input color texture has 8192x8192 resolutions.

when i click the button "save all the maps that have an output file" i would like the Shaderpro set the output texture resolution to 4096x4096 and set their jpeg quality 60%.

and is there any way to do this with Lua Script ?

thank you in advance


  • Hi emrex,

    There isn't currently a way to resample images before ShaderMap saves them to file. I would recommend saving the files in a lossless format then use an auto-resize application to scale and convert to JPEG.

    You should be able to find a number of solutions by searching for "Batch Auto Image Resize" or "Auto Image Resize"


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