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Normal Editor - How to create or add Screw Head Brushes to Lib:?

Normal Editor - How to create or add Screw Head Brushes to Lib:?


I would like to know how to create or add Screw Heads Brushes to Lib: DBrush, NBrush, VBrush.



File format

Pablo AB.


  • Hi bruoj,

    To add brushes to the library you want to use the Add Brush button in the Normal Map Editor. Here is an example of how I created an N Brush of a screw head.

    Basically you want to have a PNG of the screw head in both normal and displacement. Then add them in that order after pressing the + button in the N Brush settings. My normal map is in Tangent Space (most common) so I set the Coordinate System to TS.

    Here is how I created the Normal and Displacement maps from a Screw Model.

    Make sure "Render Alpha" is checked in the Map Settings for both "Normal from 3D Model" and "Displacement from 3D Model". This will remove the excess pixels and give a nice round brush. You can also remove the pixels in an external editor. After rendering the maps I saved them as PNG RGBA.

    The source files are attached.

    NOTE: Displacement brushes are just for painting shapes defined by the image file and the curve editor. Not good for screw heads. The Vector brush only paints a single color (vector angle) at any time.

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