Light Scan Normal Map Issue

edited February 28 in ShaderMap 4

Hi, I'm having an issue with the normal map that gets created from a light scan. I'm using 6 images to create the scan and the albedo comes out perfect, however, the normal map comes out with a large gradient over it. I had hoped to just put a high pass filter over the normal map, but filters don't seem to work at all with normal maps. Is there a way to equalize color to get rid of the gradient similar to in substance designer?



  • ShaderMap internally stores normal maps in vector format rather than color format, standard color based filters won't work on XYZ vectors. It may be possible to create a normal map filter to remove gradients (usually created from uneven lighting) that have an equal distribution over the entire map. I will investigate this and possibly create a new filter to remove the gradients.

    Additionally, your post has reminded me that I need to differentiate between normal filters and "color" filters in the filter stack interface. Possibly only showing available filters for the type of map.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into this issue further and post back (with the normal map you sent me via email) once I've developed possible solutions.


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