Help with a Project (Naming or Default Properties Saving)


I currently am using the Pro version of the software. I have a bunch of maps I would like to use the same properties with. I have tried replacing the source file but I can't change the name. I've tried to save the properties but they only save to the project. I was hoping to use the same properties for all of the different source maps I have.

Is there  a quick way for me to replace my source, reuse the properties I have and then save out the new maps to the file name of the new source with suffix.


  • It sounds like what you want is to batch process the source maps.

    1. Make sure at least one of your maps connected to the source image has an output file name.
    2. Select the Source Map node in the Project Grid.
    3. The Batch Source Maps button becomes active (bottom right of the Project Grid - Folder Icon with BAT above it). Press it.
    4. Select the Source Map files you want to batch. The batch rendering and saving will begin.

    To control batch naming and suffixes, you can edit the file "sm_filename_overrides.xml" located in: "C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4"

    For even more control over batch mapping you can export your project to a batch LUA script. The third button from the right under the Project Grid. Script Button -> Export as Batch Script. You can then run this script using the same Script Button -> Run Script. You will need to make modifications to the script for it to run, read the comments in the exported script.

    Finally, you can save a project to file as a Template Project. A template project saves all project settings except does not define the source nodes. Save Project -> Save as Type -> ShaderMap Template (*.smpt). When loaded you will be able to load the source nodes by clicking on them. If you have a template that you use all the time and want to select it from the the Start Screen, place the template project files in "C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs\Template"
  • I think those suggestions will help. Thanks.
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