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Poliigon PBR textures to metallic/roughness for glTF

Hi everyone and especially Neil!

I am on the fence of buying a license, but wanted to be sure ShaderMap can help me with the problem I have. I will write down my process, which I hope is close to the truth.

I have tons of poliigon PBR textures that I need converted to the metallic/roughness workflow to be used in Blender and to be exported to glTF. The process looks to be doable in 2 steps:
1. Convert specular/gloss to metallic/roughness workflow
2. Merge/bake the three separate MRA maps into RGB channels of a single image

Final node structure is as in the official guide by Blender (here a link)

Inputs from poliigon textures:
2. RFL
5. AO
6. NRM
7. DSP

Outputs at stage 1 according to the same page I linked above and this:
1. Metallic = no idea how to get, but it appears it's in the templates since 4.2.2 according to a forum post I saw by Neil. Not sure how it's convertible from spec/diff workflow
2. Base color = the specular map is masked using the Metallic map. Then layered over the Diffuse to get BaseColor.
3. Roughness = inverted glossiness

Last 3 are the same for both workflows, so irrelevant at step 1.

At stage 2, we get as output 3 textures:
1. Base color
2. Baked RGB map with MTL+GLOSS+AO in RGB
3. NRM

My questions are:
1. Is it doable automatically via the template+some editions or do I have to be adjusting manually the values for the Metallic(for example as most annoying one)?
2. Can I do it with 1 step and in batch mode?

Sorry for the long question, but i'm looking for two yes/no answers and am so sorry for being that detailed, but I couldn't figure this out for a while and am not able to shorten it more. Thank you for the help!

P.S. Displacement texture is lost at the end, since it is not supported with glTF, but perhaps it's needed to generate the Metallic?


  • All fixed with photoshop actions. Will try to get a license and replicate the process, since it appears it should be faster to do the batch processing with your software ;)

  • I am glad you figured it all out.

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