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Maps Won't Apply to Model

I'm following the introduction video and i can't replicate the step where after generating an AO map, then going into the material visualizer and loading the original model.  It doesn't add the texture to the model.  Is there another button i need to push somewhere?

The steps i did were

1: open shadermap and select 3D model and press the open folder icon
2: selected the fbx source file
3: render an AO map based on the fbx model (i tried with and without a cage)
4: press the material visualizer button in the lower right
5: press the + button to add the model to the scene
6: model loads, but the AO texture does not apply to it.



  • Hi,

    You will need to manually apply the material to the imported model. Materials are only automatically applied to the default geometry types.

    To do this you will need to ensure that the Material Editor is showing on the Visualizer. Next left mouse drag and drop the first material onto the model.

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