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Hey everyone,

right now I'm working on a plugin (for Blender) to streamline the workflow between the program Blender and ShaderMap2. If it is finished i will publish it online and hope everyone who uses Blender and ShaderMap will save some time using it.
But there are a few problems. I hope someone can help me.

The current development state is:
The plugin adds a export button to the Blender Image-Editor/Viewer and a few more options. By pressing the button ShaderMap opens and loads the image which is selected in Blender's Image-Editor/Viewer.

Currently I'm using command lines to open the image but the problem with this is: ShaderMap doesn't use the image path. Instead it saves every map to "C:\". Of course i can change the path to my lib or project folder but this slows down the workflow alot. Another problem i have is that my ShaderMap uses tga 8 bit as the default image format. Basically it is the same thing... I can change it but it takes time.

Can I define the output path and the output file format via command lines?

Thank you very much


  • MorphysX wrote:
    Can I define the output path and the output file format via command lines?

    This is not currently possible with ShaderMap 2.

    I am unsure why the save path is being set to C:\. When I try the following batch script:
    START "" "C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 2\bin\ShaderMap.exe" "D:\Temp Folder\Test.tga"

    The default save location for all maps is in "D:\Temp Folder"

    The only option to set default save paths with SM2 is set them up in SM2 Options and Settings -> Save Formats.

    That all being said, I am developing SM3 at the moment. It would be pretty easy to add additional command line options and parameters for setting save path and save format. I'm adding it to the feature list.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas for command line parameters that would be helpful.

  • Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    I check the batch script and it also worked for me. I figured out that there is a problem with the python integration in Blender. It also works with the standalone python.
    But i think i can find a workaround.
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