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Access HSV or HSL channels?

I'm working on a set of textures where I need to create emissive maps. They'd be very easy to generate if I had access to the Saturation channel, but I can't see a way to use it (only RGB). Is there a way in the core software, or has someone made an SDK add-on to access it?


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    This would be pretty fast and easy to develop and I could post the plugin here if you are willing to test it.

    Here is what I am thinking.

    • I'd write a new map type plugin, lets call it HSVL.
    • It will take an RGB map as input and render the HSVL to the RGBA channels of the new map.
    • I'll add map controls to choose a single channel output.. saturation, in your case.


  • Sorry for not noticing your reply, omg.

    Yes, I would ABSOLUTELY love to test it for you. I'm pretty decent at writing bug reports, so I should be able to provide coherent feedback.

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