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4.3.8 Loading 16k Textures [Solution]

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4.3.8 free isn’t loading 16k textures, just crashes with no error and my computer is running a rtx 3090 gpu and 64 gb of ram and a i9-13900k cpu


  • file was 390mb jpg

  • Have you tried loading the texture in a different file format, other than jpg?

  • I have confirmed that the following file formats work for 16k. EXR and TIF.

    The image loader for many of the common file formats is an external library not controlled by us. It has issues with large files.

    Below you can see an imported color image at 16k.

  • what? so your saying png and jpg are not supported for 16,384 x 16,384?

    edited January 2023

    That appears to be the case. The current image loader will be replaced on the next version, SM5 (no release date). I'll make sure larger file sizes are supported during integration.

    In the meantime, when loading larger images, try to use TIF and EXR.

  • wow sounds great!

  • :) same problem. thanks

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