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Reset on Render API Device

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This pops up after trying to run ShaderMap4
"Failed to reset the device with Reset()," on_reset_render_api_device() d3d_functions.ccp:1209


    edited July 27

    Hi JParker,

    I would suggest doing the following:

    • Uninstall ShaderMap 4
    • Locate "C:\ Program Files \ ShaderMap 4" and ensure all files are deleted
    • Locate "C:\ Users \ [USERNAME] \ Documents \ ShaderMap \ SM4_3" and delete all files and folders
    • Locate "C:\ Users \ [USERNAME] \ AppData \ Roaming \ SM4_3" and delete all files and folders except for "license" (if you have a license installed)
    • Reinstall ShaderMap 4 and run

    AppData is a hidden folder, you may need to enable hidden folders in your Explorer View options to locate it.

    If the above doesn't fix your problem then please do the following:

    • Run ShaderMap 4 and allow it to crash
    • Locate the folder "C:\ Users \ [USERNAME] \ AppData \ Roaming \ SM4_3 \ log"
    • Add the contents to a zip file and email it to me as an attachment - support (at) shadermap.com. This will let me see the logs during the crash.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you. It is working now.

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