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Light Position for Multi Light Setup

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I'm building my own automated scanner to scan surfaces using the multi angle light setup. I'm doing extensive tests to see what will give the best result but I'm not sure what Shadermap assumes the light positions will be. I'm used to using a reflective ball in my scans to point out the lights position exactly, which does not just give the angle between the lights but also the height position of the lights. I guess my question basically is, what is the optimal height position to have your light setup in? Or what position does Shadermap assume the lights are in?

A bit more information on optimal light positions would be much appreciated.


Joep Swagemakers


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    ShaderMap expects the lights to be horizontal, pointing towards the center of object. The height is relative to the surface of the object being scanned. Ideally it would be centered between the highest and lowest points on the surface of the object.

    If a hemisphere were used as the object, the lights would be best positioned halfway between the equator and the pole.

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    Thank you for that information. That is what I currently have as a setup. I now know that this is the optimal way of positioning the lights.

    Are there any updates in the pipeline for the conversion from normal maps to height maps? I noticed the conversion is not always correct/accurate.

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