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I have a Problem with Proffesional Version of ShaderMap4.
I want to render Specular/Glossyness Workflow. Wich Function i have to choose ?
If i take Standard i got Displacement, Normal and Specular, but no Glossyness. Ambient Occlusion is rendered as well.
If i choose PBR i got Metallness and Roughness. I need to render the Glossy Map. How do i do it ?

Can i change the AO into a Different Shader ?


  • Upps.

    I made a Mistake.
    PBR Specular got Glossy and Specular, but the Specular is in Color. I thought the Specular got to be Gray.
    Does the Colormap work as well ?

    I use Cinema 4d r23 with Corona. All Maps are Set.

  • You can remove the color from the PBR Specular map by doing the following:

    1. Select the Specular Map node in the Project Grid
    2. In the Map Properties, Drag the Color Alpha to 0 (Zero).

    Doing this will stop the map generation from blending the original colors over the specular map. This should allow you to use the map as a grayscale specular.

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