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great software!!!
Is it possible to get batch processing for the light scan module?
Separate catalogs divided by light direction as batch input?


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    There is no built in interface for batch processing with the Light Scan node.

    You could use LUA batch scripting. You will need to be familiar with LUA script and have a PRO version of the software.

    Select the Light Scan node then click the Script Icon under the Project Grid. Select Export Batch Script in the context menu. You will need to save this script to file.

    If you open the script in a code editor you can see the how the script works. It is only intended as a starting point for your batch script. You can see all the SM4 LUA functions in the file "C: \ Program Files \ ShaderMap 4 \ lua \ sm4.lua"

    Specifically you will need to use the function "sm_change_light_scan_node" in the loop at the bottom of the batch script.

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    If you create a custom output (node graph) can you then create a custom single node like the Light Scan (normal) node.

    For example I want a special specular image from 4 light directions in grey scale for fabric textures. I have created the manual node graph > with the start point of the lightscan node and now would like to wrap that process flow (node graph) into a single lightscan (specular) that I can reuse as a library item in future projects. Is that possible using the SDK ? I also have a further 4 maps that are specific to fabric textures that I also wanted to wrap into single library items to compliment the current lightscan nodes.

    And do you think it would be possible for me to create a Lua script that works directly with my image capture hardware to pass the image(s) into a folder bucket ready for the lightscan node to pick up ? eg: prefix naming conventions and image order.

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    The Light Scan Node is a special kind of source input node. It is similar to the 3D model source node. These are built into the ShaderMap code and are not created using the SDK.

    If you want to create a unique map that uses the Light Scan node as an input, you can build that map using the ShaderMap SDK.

    When you say you want to wrap maps in a library, can you please explain what it is you mean? You could save your projects as template projects and reuse the settings for a different set of light scan images.

    As for Lua scripting, and programing in general, it is not about if it can be done.. but how it is done. You could have a default script that scans a specific folder for the scans created by your hardware, then generate maps from them. This would require some skill in Lua and programming.

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