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LUA Script Error

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Suddenly I am getting this error, it all started yesterday, and I use Shader almost daily. I've tested jpg and png files, same error, also different images have been tested, still same error:

  • "Start LUA Script Thread" - lua_script_thread() lua_script_thread_functions.cpp:5483
    [** ERROR ** "LUA Script Error"] "sm_add_source_map_node() - Failed to create new 3D Model object. See main log for additional details." - lua_script_thread() lua_script_thread_functions.cpp:5793

I recently upgraded to the pro version and its been working fine, up till yesterday. I don't understand it? Please help!



  • btw I did search the forums for this error and the one I found wasn't helpful

    edited December 2021

    Hi Gary,

    That error is usually caused when a resource file isn't found or has somehow become corrupted.

    Uninstall ShaderMap. Be sure that ALL files and folders are removed from "C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 4" folder AFTER uninstall.

    Follow these additional steps:

    • Locate "C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 4" and ensure all files are deleted
    • Locate "C:\Users \ [USERNAME] \Documents\ShaderMap\SM4_3" and delete all files and folders
    • Locate "C:\Users \ [USERNAME] \AppData\Roaming\SM4_3" and delete all files and folders EXCEPT for "license" (if you have a license installed)
    • Reinstall ShaderMap 4 and run

    NOTE: Replace [USERNAME] with your Windows user name when searching for the folders.
    NOTE: AppData is a hidden folder, you may need to enable hidden folders in your Windows Explorer -> View Options to enable hidden folders.

  • That worked! Thank you so much! Much appreciated!

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