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Want ShaderMap 4.3.6

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hey there! hope you are fine. i would request you to please send me the shader map 4.3.6 pls. after i updated shadermap. it stopped working. it said that a node is missing. i dont want to fix it. pls just give me the old version installer. thank you!


  • I would be happy to provide you with the 4.3.6 installer. But first…

    Can you please tell me the exact error you are getting and how to recreate it?

    I must ensure this isn’t happening to other users.

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    it says: failed to locate "shadermap_batch_filenames" node in "default_filename_override.xml"."-initialize_map_plugins0 map_plugin_functions.cpp:3403

    this is it

  • btw pls do hurry. that would be very kind of you. thank you! actually im in a hurry. i hope you understand. :)

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    Thanks for providing me with the error. I don't think installing ShaderMap 4.3.6 will fix the problem. You need to delete the following file and run ShaderMap again.

    "C:\Users \ [YOUR USERNAME] \ Documents\ShaderMap\SM4_3\default_filename_overrides.xml"

  • thank you! you are the best! it worked! you are a life saver :D

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