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Save with Lower Bit Depth

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Is there a way to export shaders in a lower bit depth? Such as 32bit or even 8 bit? I see no way to do this and I'm trying to do a batch process for about 600 shaders.


  • I mean textures and png format.

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    Hi VB,

    You can select the export file format, and bit depth, from the "Save Map to File" Dialog.

    1. Select a Map Node in the Project Grid
    2. Click on the Save "Disk" Icon to bring up the dialog box
    3. Select the export file format from top drop down list.

    PNG can be exported in 8 and 16 bits. To export in 32 bit, you will need to use HDR or EXR.


    To set the default save file formats (and their bit depths) see the Options and Settings -> Save Formats section. Here you can select a Master Save Format or assign Formats to each individual Map Plugin.

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