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ShaderMap 4.3.7 Released

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SM 4.3.7 is now available for download. See below for a list of new features / fixes.

Features Added

  • Two new options to set Main Window and External Material Visualizer UI Scaling. These options are found in Options / Settings -> Environment
  • New resource system implemented to support UI Scaling graphics at various sizes.

Bugs Fixed

  • Bug stopped interaction with the Material Visualizer when in an external window and on a different monitor than the main window.


  • edited January 2022

    Excellent, I had some problems installing as an update and this post is an edit removing a previous post on this topic. The solution to my problem came from reading another post so others might want to read "Strange Self Inflicted Startup Issue 4.3.x" where there are solutions for anyone who might be having similar struggles doing the update to 4.3.7 . Happy to see the NEW Version!

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