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A powerful feature of Sm2 is the ability to invoke an external paint editor right inside SM2. Save the image and it is updated in

I used it tonight to adjust, fine tune and do some minor clean up a displacement map that was produce by the color image.

I pushed the statues foward, flatten the walls , soften and rounded out areas plus got rid of spikes resulting in a cleaner and better looking map. Your normal map, AO and spec maps are updated as well...

The map could be better but it's in the early morning hours here...
A very short video


  • Here is a quick test render of the displacement map. It is only a 1024 map so the quality is not that great but again I pleased with the displacement map itself...
    It would work though very good in a larger scene at the 1024 map size and I could have push the displacement a little further in
    the rendering program but I was happy with this amount of displacement.

    All work was done in SM2 and the external editor.

  • Ok, This is the next step in the workflow.
    I have converted the SM2 displacement map to real polygons, (9 million) using 3DCoat.
    The texture colors from the image (referenced from the obj mtl file) were converted to vextex colors (polypainting) upon importing into 3DCoat.
    Now, I can start adding and fixing detail for the final displacement map using voxel sculpting, then rebake the displacement map.
    The picture is the very beginning of that process.

    I posted this as one way of showing one workflow you can do with SM2

  • Thanks for posting this workflow. :cool:
  • I am enjoying this workflow made possible by Shadermap 2.
    Too much fun...
    Now changing the real model to meet my favour...

    edit: updated the image...

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