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Bug Report - 3D Model to Map + Pre Filter

edited March 2021 in ShaderMap 4

I get an instant crash when trying to add a pre-filter to Normal WS (3D Model)
No error messages; just closes


    edited March 2021

    Thanks for reporting this issue.

    I was able to replicate the bug and will add it to the critical bug list and will release a fix in the next release.

    ** Upon further investigation it appears this might be affecting all maps generated from 3D Models.

    ** After some thought, I realized that a Pre-Filter cannot be applied to a 3D model, only a source or input map. A Post-Filter is possible because it has a map to filter. The fix will be to disable the Pre-Filter option when a 3D Model is the input of a map.

  • An update - The bug has been fixed and will be released in ShaderMap 4.3.5 later this month.

    The issue was affecting any map node with non map type parents.

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