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UDIM Setup for Human Figure?

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I'm so glad to see UDIM support for SM finally implemented. I do have a little quandary here though. I want to bring in a human figure (from Renderosity, L'Homme) that used UDIM's. He comes in easily and I can click on the areas I want to process maps from (head/lips, torso, legs and limbs) but not sure how to proceed.

Any help here for this?

Thanks so much


  • Hi Richard,

    If the model is assigned UDIM sections then you should be able to access those UV sets by selecting any map that uses a 3D Model as an input. In the map properties you will see a check box to enable UDIM and then a UDIM id input box.

    See the documents section for further information on how ShaderMap accesses offset UVs.


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