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I am trying to setup a workflow in ShaderMap 4 where I can create the following MAPS - Normal Map (that is easy). and a map with an AO, Rough and Metal channels. The AO is on the RED channel of the map, the Rough is on the Green and Metal is on the Blue channel.

I would love to create this and save it so that ALL I have to do is drop the source maps (diffuse/Albedo) map into the project and it builds the rest.

Anyone know if that can be done.


    edited September 2020

    Hi Mustang,

    Looks like you want to use the Channel Mixer to setup the ARM map then save it as a Template for quick use with other Source Textures.


    Create a PBR project from your Color Texture at the Start Screen. Remove any maps that you don't need in the workflow. Optionally, you can remove any filenames you don't want saved when pressing the Save All button.

    You will see Two Maps at the Bottom-Right of the Project Grid. They have thumbnails of other maps on them. These are RMA and RMAD maps. (Roughness, Metalness, AO, Displacement). Technically they are Blank Maps with other maps embedded in their color channels. Assign a File Format and File Name to the RMA map. You can delete the RMAD from the project as you won't be using the Alpha Channel.

    Double click any of the embedded thumbnails on the RMA map. This will bring up the Channel Mixer. Drag the AO channel (currently in the Blue) to Red. Now AO is in Red and Rough is in Blue. They swapped. So just drag Rough (in Blue) to Green. This puts Rough in Green and Metal in Blue. You should now have an ARM map.

    Save the project file as a ShaderMap Template. *.smpt. When a template is loaded you can click the file icon (over your source map) and load a new Color Texture with all of your maps and settings saved from the original project. You can make changes to the Template and save at any time.


    FYI. You can embed a map into any other map by holding the SHIFT key and drag-dropping the map onto another. This will bring up the Channel Mixer for the initial channel assignment. Knowing this will be helpful if you want to create your workflow from a blank project.

    Hope this helps,

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