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2.0.6 Changes

Here are some bugs that are fixed and some features to be added in 2.0.6. I expect it out at the end of the month. The road map for this thing is looking pretty good. I'm excited about where ShaderMap is going.

X BUG FIX: Painting N Brush on 16 bit maps resulted in improperly culled strokes
X BUG FIX: Memory leak when canceling map rendering on source images
X BUG FIX: Crash when deleting materials from a project
X BUG FIX: 16 bit PSD with alpha have their alpha set to black making them invisible. Error in DevIL loader. Created workaround.

X Select material when it is assigned.
X Select applied material when clicked on in model
X Store and save in project last selected material - per model
X Expand edges on normal source
X Keyboard shortcuts for tools

- 4th default geometry type - Plane geometry scaled to ratio of chosen map in material - dual sided. Scales with tiling too.
- Override default save file format in options - per map else pass-through
- FBX Importer (static scene nodes - animation stack 0)

I've started working with the Autodesk FBX Sdk and it seems like a very useful lib. Perhaps later a full scene import with maps, cams, and animations. Also filter plugins per map. yeah.. oh and can anyone say voxel displacement editor? All tech that I'm actively pursuing.

More tools (lines, circles, rects, eraser) and fixes in the normal editor coming in 2.0.7.


Thanks for using ShaderMap,

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