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HI Folks:

I have a batch of jpg textures that I need to convert -- I would like to know if its possible to do a batch of some to convert them to full pbr sets -- ordinarially I would do them by hand, but theres a lot of them and I'd like to get it done quickly

is it possible to do this?



    edited March 2020

    Hi Tim,

    You can batch process those maps by doing the following:

    1. Create a project with ShaderMap using one of the jpeg textures in your set.
    2. Modify the settings to your liking.
    3. Ensure all nodes (maps you want saved) have a save file path assigned. This is done automatically if you created the project using the Start screen.
    4. Select the Source Node in the Project Grid.
    5. Press the Batch folder button under the project grid (bottom right). It has the letters BAT next to it.
    6. Find and select the textures filenames you want to use with the current project settings, then press Open and Batch Processing will begin.

    Best regards,

  • Sweet - Thanks Neil -- Sorry I double posted, wasnt sure if I had sent the initial to the correct address or not -- have an awesome day


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