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Here is my dilemma, I wanted to have the program save on my desktop normalmaps,spec etc. In different folders. I edited the directories in the xml files but for some strange reason it doesn't save normalmaps, Am I doing something wrong here?


  • Hi VoidedBrain,

    Can you tell me exactly what XML you have edited and show what changes you have made? I can help you out after I have that info.

    All the best,

  • oops I deleted them and backed up as soon as I read this. Basically what I wanted to do was make a folder on my desktop for each map, like normal maps etc no suffixes, is there any way you could possibly make the xml override to do that please?

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    Locate the file "default_filename_overrides.xml" in your Documents\ShaderMap\SM4_3 folder. Open that file in a text editor and scroll down until you see the XML section <shadermap_start_map_filenames>

    <mode_1> will be for Standard Maps, <mode_2> for PBR <mode_3> for PBR Spec, etc.

    These sections define how each map is assigned a save file path for default projects generated from the Start Screen interface.

    Inside <mode_1> find the <script_101> tag. This section defines output file paths for the Standard Project created from a Color Map. You will need to modify the output_directory attribute of each tag inside the script section. It looks like you are trying to save to the Desktop so you will need to add an absolute file path (starting with drive letter). Each file path should end with a trailing slash. See my example below:

    <map_diff_to_disp_4 output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\DISP\" filename="%source_filename%" suffix="%default%" />

    <map_disp_to_norm_3 output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\NORM\" ... />

    <map_diff_to_spec output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\SPEC\" ... />

    <map_disp_to_ao_3 output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\AO\" ... />

    You will need to do this for each section such as <script_201> and so on. Save the file and restart ShaderMap. The default save file paths should be assigned as defined in the XML.

  • great now im getting this error...

  • I managed to fix the error by reinstalling, anyways here is the xml file I can't seem to get it to work properly...


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    1. What errors are you getting, if any?
    2. What happens when you create a default project and press the save button?
    3. Do you have permission to write to that file location?
    4. Have you tried ensuring that the file paths are case sensitive?

    I have these settings on my test system and am able to save each map.

    <map_diff_to_disp_4 output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\DISP\" filename="%source_filename%" suffix="" />
    <map_disp_to_norm_3 output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\NORM\" filename="%source_filename%" suffix="" />
    <map_diff_to_spec output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\SPEC\" filename="%source_filename%" suffix="" />
    <map_disp_to_ao_3 output_directory="C:\Users\i\Desktop\AO\" filename="%source_filename%" suffix="" />
  • I think it was the fact that things were case sensitive let me test the code you posted and I'll get back to you.

  • So it doesn't seem to be case sensitive as the problem, but I've noticed that it only saves curve,rma,cavity and ao. but for some strange reason the normal map and spec don't save...

  • Wouldn't it be better to just select where it saves under the save as option? I noticed that you could see the information for it like suffix and all that. Just a suggestion.

  • I will investigate the issue you are having and see if I can replicate the problem.

  • Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

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