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Lightscan Custom Albedo

Hi, I'm trying to create a light scan workflow in which I could provide my own albedo as it will be much more precise. At the moment I only can see an option to generate one based on lights.


    edited February 2020

    Hi KarolStola,

    The Light Scan default project generates an albedo map from the light scan images. You can add your own albedo map to the project grid as a color image source:

    Mouse over Project Grid -> Add Button -> SRC:Color Map

    Once that is done, identify which maps are generated using the original albedo (by selecting them in the Project Grid) then drag-and-drop the albedo INPUT line to your custom loaded albedo.

    Once you have made the above changes, you can save the project as a Template File and then use that in your workflow.

  • Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. There is one thing that I think have gone wrong. After loading the template and providing the input lightscan textures, the "Normal" node doesn't recalculate itself automatically. It does however when I change some value in it. Here is the template:


  • Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I've added the bug to the list.

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