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Bake a Deep Grid

edited October 2019 in ShaderMap 4

I'm in doubt if will be possible to bake a 3D grid with deep z depth into a texture map, so to apply it as a material. The goal is to reproduce this kind of self-porting grid used in the step of a staircase.

I can model it in some DCC system, but being a 3d model I don't know if I can transform it in just a material to be applied on a solid rectangle or better I just use the the 3d model itself.
Maybe a not so clear explanation, the topic it's not clear to me also.


  • You could try baking the model on a flat plane to render normal and displacement maps. Then use a material that supports displacement to give the blinds depth when rendering. The second default material in ShaderMap is displacement. Just drag it on to the "Geo: Dynamic Plane" in the Material Visualizer to preview results.

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