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I am looking how to organize my work flow with ShaderMap.
1. Should I create seamless tile image in another program ( like Photoshop) and input this image in ShaderMap?
2. My plan is to use "Normal Map from Photos" options, so should I create the normal light seamless image and extra four images with directional light from the R,L,Up,Down ?



  • Hi Gregory,

    1. Yes create your seamless image in Photoshop or other external program. Then load it from the Start page of ShaderMap as a Color Map (or Displacement Map if that is what you are using as source). This will generate a project for you with other maps. If using a seamless map, be sure to select the source map node (after the project is generated) and to set the proper Tile Mode. Most likely Tile: On XY for horizontal and vertical tiles.

    2. The Normal Map from Photos plugin is an older method. I would recommend using the Light Scan mode from the start screen. For this to work you will need to photograph an object from above that is lighted from the four different directions. Load them into ShaderMap in clockwise order starting from Up, followed by Right, Down, Left. When using the Light Scan (or Normal Map from Photos plugin) you should generate maps first then create the seamless images from those.

    Hope this helps. I would encourage you to just play around with ShaderMap and get a feel for how it works. You can learn a lot just from experimenting. I would also encourage you to read the docs for quick start guides.

    Feel free to post additional questions.

    Best regards,

  • Neil,

    I will try,
    Thank you

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