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Alpha Threshold Setting for Normal Maps

First, thank you for this great upgrade...

Feature Request:

Is possible to add an alpha threadhold setting for normal maps to help with seam problems?

Right now you can load a diffuse map (color) and set the alpha threshold to the max settings according to the post in this thread to help with blending in the seams.

Reason for this feature request.
To Load a normal map from 3DCoat or other software for converting to a displacement map but with a way of blending the uv island seams.
I know that creating displacement maps from normal maps is problematic but If I do not ask, I would never know if it possible within Shadermap 2.
Ah, another reason at this time Blender Cycles render does not support normal maps...:(

If there is a way of blending the seams now, I'm all ears!
Thank you for your consideration and if it is not possible, that's life. You have done an outstanding job on improving your software.


  • digman wrote:
    Feature Request:
    Is it possible to add an alpha threshold setting for normal maps to help with seam problems?

    I will be add this to the list of features to be added for version 2.0.6. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Thanks for your quick reply and that it is possible, I'm a happy camper...
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