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Support for Unity LWRP Channel Packed Textures

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Hi Neil,

Pardon my ignorance but I'm a beginner and still trying to wrap my head around a lot of new concepts.

Does your RMA mode produce textures compatible with Unity's channel packed textures?

Specifically I'm looking at Lightweight Render Pipeline's use of textures that include Metallic, Occlusion and Smoothness in the R, G and Alpha channels (I think that is the case but I'm not completely sure). Can I configure which maps are loaded in which channels?
Thanks for the info.



  • Hi Sam,

    You can control which maps are loaded into what channels by double clicking any of the embedded map icons in the RMA node (which is actually a blank node with 3 maps embedded).

    You can also hold the SHIFT key and drag-and-drop any map on to any other map node.

    So for instance if you want to place a gray-scale image into the alpha channel of the normal map. Hold SHIFT and drag and drop a gray-scale node onto the normal map. Once dropped this will bring up the channel mixer. Enable the R channel (of the gray-scale map) in the mixer then drag the arrow to the alpha channel.

    All the best,

  • Thanks for your quick response. Purchased.

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    Hi Neil,

    I've been trying to build this material and it seems to be partially working but not entirely.

    I can build the texture by loading the proper maps into the channels (pictured)

    But when I go to build the material that includes this texture I keep getting a black material.(pictured)

    The blue channel is not used so I need to skip it.

    I have tried a couple of ways to do this. I tried RMA, RMAD. I tried loading a blank texture into the blue channel. Nothing seems to change the black result. Any ideas?

    PS the texture does seem to be working so I can save it out and use it... as with the albedo and normal. I can't however make a material from the channel packed texture. As soon as I add it the material goes black.

  • The RMA texture requires roughness, metalness and ambient occlusion in the Red, Green and Blue channels. When using RMAD (roughness, metal, AO, displacement) they go in the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels respectively.

  • I understand. But what if I don't want to put the displacement in the alpha channel? For example this spec requires that I put the Metalness, AO, and Smoothness in R, G, A channel and nothing in B. Can I create my own Materials based on configurations other than RMA, RMAD?

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