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Seams Removal (Create Tileable Image)

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As beginner I'm having problem with image seams, this just an example

I know it's an endless debated topic, but being not a feature included in ShaderMap Pro want to know if there is any program able to help in this.


  • Using Affinity Photo and clone stamp brush better the situation

    But the final result in the render it's always with very visible tiling.

    Any suggestion on the topic is welcomed.

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    Hi davide445,

    It looks like you need to balance out the brightness (luminosity) across the image. You should be able to do that with your image editor. Or you could bring the image into ShaderMap (once you have tiled it) as a Color Map and apply a Shadow / Highlight post filter to the image.

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    Hi thanks for your answer.
    Will try what you explained, in fact I already used both a Normalize and also a Shadow / Highlight filter in SM, the first image of the thread is already with these filters applied, this was the original one

    wasn't able to do better but for sure I'm not an expert.
    About v5 I didn't find any info in the forum, there is any estimated release date?

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    Often you should try to use photos that are evenly lit for textures. I get that it's not always possible to do so. This example has a couple of problems that make tiling it a pain. First there are some dark areas around the corners and secondly there is a brighter area in the center of the image. This is made more obvious by inverting the colors or by increasing the contrast.

    I was able to remove the shadows in Photoshop using the "Shadows / Highlights" tool. I decreased the center brightness by creating a copy of the image as a layer above the original, inverting (negating) the colors and converting it to grayscale. Then I blended it to the base image using "Darken Color" blend with an opacity of about 25%. That left me with a relatively flat lit texture. Of course there are probably many other ways to do this. As I said it is really best to start with an evenly lit source image.

    As for SM5. There has been no announcement about development yet. I plan on opening up suggestions to forum users later this week. There is no projected release date and I usually don't post one until it is near release.

    All the best,

  • Hi Neil
    about to start my project I didn't read anything about the v5, any plan to open a forum thread on it?

  • Hi davide445,

    No news on SM5. I have decided to just keep working on improving SM4, for the time being. I'm hoping to get a new release every month or so with minor tweaks and improvements.

    If you have a specific request, just let me know.

    Best regards,

  • Just the feature you was writing about, the tiling feature (was) on one previous post. But if you focus on small improvements I suppose this is a too big feature to work on.

  • Yeah, but it's a good feature to add. I've been wanting to do it for a while. I can start building it and keep it hidden from the interface, work on it over the next few months while also making the minor improvements I'd planned on.

  • You want this app: https://www.pixplant.com/. It's worth the purchase, this app is absolutely brilliant.

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