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Specular and Normal Maps for Daz3D

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Hello. I have downoaded the actual Demo Version. I am just wondering. If i buy a Character from Daz3d i got both Specular and Normal Maps. They are working fine but they are Different than the Maps that are created by Shadermap. The Specular is normaly Hard Black and Hard White. The Specular that i get from Shadermap are all Grayscale. Even the Normal Map is rounded at the edges. Because of the Edges i got allways Error in the Skin Texture if i render it with Cinema 4d.

Why are the created Specular maps not White and Black like the Original Specular that you get from the Bought Chars ?
I have some Diffuse Maps with Walls. All of them from different Cultures. I wanted to create a Specular and a Normal Map out of the Texture. I cannot get depht into my renderers. Must i really use the created Displacement Map for this ?

With Displacement, Shadermap and Specular i am still a Rookie. So dont wonder. There must be a way to solve these Problems.


  • Specular maps are a grayscale image. Black would mean that there is no specular at all and white would mean that there is maximum specular. I'm not exactly sure how the Daz3D renderer handles specular maps at the moment. You could try applying a threshold filter to the specular map to convert it to a black / white image.

    As for the Normal Mapsbeing rounded at the edges.. I'm not really sure what you mean. If you post a link to the diffuse map you are trying to convert, it would be very helpful.

    I'm going to change the name of this post to better represent the content of your question.

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