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High Poly Limitations (for Normal Map Baking)

edited April 2019 in ShaderMap 4

Hey ! I'm new to SM4, I just bought a seat, and ran some first bakings...

My question was about the high poly models :
Is there known limitations about high poly models for normal map generation ?
For example, with ZBrush I can load some 10M polys, but that's the limit with 32Gb.

When I load a 500K model it's fine, but with bigger ones It fades to white and stop responding.
You have some recommandations for DDR upgrade or high poly limitations ?

Regards !


  • Hi yannoid,

    I will investigate this issue and report back. My guess is that because the loading is happening in the main thread that it is stopping the program from responding. This needs to be set to an external thread and also provide a progress bar for higher polygon models.


  • Hello Neil,

    Got it thanks for your answer.
    Yes this could be great as future update.
    But maybe this kind of need is unusual as it mostly sticks to photogrammetry purposes

    Best regards

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