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Canceling out of N Brush locks the map...

I was checking to see if I had the correct wrap for my texture. I set it to X wrap. I entered the N Brush tool and painted along an the edges to check which one was wrapping. Canceled out of N Brush. (So no change to the normal map) Changed to Y wrap. Went back into N Brush. It still wasn't wrapping along the correct edge. After a few frustrating minutes of going in and out of N Brush I realized that the normal map was being locked even if I canceled out of N Brush, so when I switched wrap methods the normal map didn't update with the new wrap.

My preference would be if you cancel out of N Brush when there haven't been any modifications (previous entry or current entry) to the map that it returns to the unlocked status.


  • This was fixed this morning. Will be in the next release. Instead of locking a map before sending it to an editor, SM2 now only locks a map (normal/disp) after changes are accepted by the user.
  • Thanks for being so responsive to our input.
  • shirokuma wrote:
    Thanks for being so responsive to our input.

    You are welcome :cool:
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