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Genesis 8 Male from DAZ3D... Possible to Load with all Maps?

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So I have a complex question. I have Genesis 8 Male from DAZ3D, set up for texturing, meaning I've taken the model into another program and reassigned his groups (Subsets in SM4) to match the figures surface materials so your program doesn't load up a kazillion bits and pieces! Instead there are just 7 groups/materials: Head, Torso, Limbs, Legs, Fingernails, Toenails and Inner Mouth.

The question is there a way to load up all of my texture for this figure one material section at a time with the entire figure in the viewport? This would be so I can then get the program to generate the needed maps, per group, and see how they look before exporting them?

If so then of course then what would be the export procedure for exporting that many maps??

I ask because I submitted this character a month ago now but on line store rejected it because there were seams here and there that needed fixing which, of course, would result in needing to regenerate the other maps like Normals and what not!

Thanks so much,


  • Hi Richard,

    There is currently no way to load all textures per material section automatically. This feature will eventually be added but will require a complete overhaul of the import plugin system. For now you will need to load maps individually.

    It would be helpful for me if you could provide the step-by-step workflow you are trying to achieve.


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