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Displacement Map Workflow

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Workflow question using the metal plate image that is used in the PBR metal plate template. If you wanted to achieve a displacement map that would only displace the diamond plate patterns and keep the floor flat what's the best workflow within ShaderMap? Due to the contrast in the diffuse image the displacement image has a lot of contrast between black and white. I noticed that after using the template the displacement map image settings have been adjusted to remove some of the contrast, but if you wanted a displacement map image where the contrast between floor and pattern was distinct is it possible to get that out of ShaderMap, and if so whats the best approach? Or is it better to send the image to an external editor?


  • You should view the template as a starting point. One option is to build a gray scale mask image in an image editor then apply it to the displacement map in ShaderMap or export to an external editor, and finalize the displacement there. If possible then use a mask, as this will allow you to continue making changes to the displacement.

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    Thanks for the reply those are both routes I have taken I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking a function or setting in ShaderMap that could automate the process

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