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I need to output in this sequence, is it possible in SMV4?
1 Diffuse = RGB Channels for Base Color () + Alpha for Opacity
2 Metallic= Red channel for Metallic - Green channel for AO - Blue channel need to be black + Alpha for Smoothness
3 Normal= Red channel need to be black - Green channel for Green - Blue channel for Blue + Alpha for Red channel.
Thank you


  • 1 Diffuse: Generate as normal.
    2 Metallic: Generate Metallic and AO maps, then hold Shift Key and Drag-Drop AO to Metallic Map. Embed Red channel in Green of Metallic. Create a blank black map node, hold Shift and Drag-Drop Black map to Metallic Map. Embed Red channel in Blue of Metallic.
    3. Normal: This is trickier. You could try creating a blank normal then Shift Dragging the original normal map to the blank one, setting the channels as you go.


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