Specular to Metalness / Roughness Conversion

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Hi there,

I'm happy to see the new features in ShaderMap 4.2 which allow conversion from metal/rough/diffuse to specular.
Unfortunately I'm standing on the other end with one of my projects having third party assets set up with specular map and albedo.

Is there any workflow which would allow me to convert the available albedo + specular/glossiness maps sets into roughness and metalness textures (I want to reduce the texture load using a RMA shaders to a single texture instead of the multiple textures of the specular setup)?
If there is, any hint to a guide would be appreciated.
If not, would it be possible to see nodes for the described conversion process to be added to ShaderMap in the near future?

Best Regards


  • Hi Tobias,

    I've just cooked up a diffuse spec gloss -> albedo metal rough template. While doing that I found a couple of bugs. Let me work on an update today and I'll post version 4.2.2 tomorrow with the requested template and the bug fixes.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


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    ShaderMap 4.2.2 is now available. I've updated the Templates to include the requested conversions (1).

    Learn more about each conversion at: shadermap.com/docs/_pbr_conversion_templates.html

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