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Crash on version

Hi there,

have recently downloaded the latest version( from the site,

after installation I tend to open the app,
everytime I launch it no mather what setting I use,
"run as admin","using compability settings","etc"
it start as a fully white window, wait for a second or two,
then close without any warning.

I used to run the version3 on my previous windows10 but after reinstalling the latest version of the windows
neither SM3 nor SM4 doesnt start anymore.

I've deleted the SM4_1 file from app data, (read from other post)
but nothing happened at all.

this is the log:
+ "Application Initialization" - wWinMain() shadermap.cpp:258
	+ "Create Application Window" - wWinMain() shadermap.cpp:271
	[** WARNING ** "Open File Failed"] "Failed to open options file." - shadermap_options::load() shadermap_options.cpp:1277
	+ "Initialize Direct3D" - wWinMain() shadermap.cpp:535
	+ "Initialize Resources Pre-Splash" - wWinMain() shadermap.cpp:561
	+ "Initialize Splash" - wWinMain() shadermap.cpp:582

please help ;(
thanks a lot


  • Hi,

    Let's see if we can get things fixed.

    1. Uninstall ShaderMap 3 and 4 from your system using Apps and Features (right-click Windows Start Icon)

    2. Delete the AppData folders:

    3. Delete the Documents folders:

    4. Delete any files left over in the Program Files folders:
    C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 4
    C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 3

    5. Install ShaderMap 4.1

    Let me know how this works.

    Kind regards,
  • Thanks Neil
    I appreciate your help

    I did uninstall both apps and removed their related folders,
    then I reinstalled the app and its extra components (DirectX and etc) using the default settings,
    unfortunately nothing happens again ;(

    the main log is the same

    this is the system_info log
    Computer Name: DESKTOP-*******
    User Name: Mehrdad
    Windows Version: 6.2.9200
    Log Drive ( C:\Users\Mehrdad\AppData\Roaming\SM4_1\log\2018.10.18 [] )
             128888 MB total
              57942 MB available
              57942 MB free
    App Drive ( C:\Program Files\ShaderMap 4\bin\ShaderMap.exe )
             128888 MB total
              57942 MB available
              57942 MB free
    AppData Drive ( C:\Users\Mehrdad\AppData\Roaming )
             128888 MB total
              57942 MB available
              57942 MB free
    User Docs Drive ( C:\Users\Mehrdad\Documents )
             128888 MB total
              57942 MB available
              57942 MB free
                 29 % memory in use
              12237 MB total physical memory
               8589 MB free physical memory
              15442 MB total paging file
              10291 MB free paging file
          134217727 MB total virtual memory
          134213476 MB free virtual memory
                  0 MB free extended memory
    		Logical Processors: 8
    		CPU String: AuthenticAMD
    		Model = 2
    		Family = 15
    		Extended family = 6
    		CLFLUSH cache line size = 64
    		APIC Physical ID = 4
    CPU Features:
    		SSE3 New Instructions
    		x87 FPU On Chip
    		Virtual-8086 Mode Enhancement
    		Debugging Extensions
    		Page Size Extensions
    		Time Stamp Counter
    		RDMSR and WRMSR Support
    		Physical Address Extensions
    		Machine Check Exception
    		CMPXCHG8B Instruction
    		APIC On Chip
    		Memory Type Range Registers
    		PTE Global Bit
    		Machine Check Architecture
    		Conditional Move/Compare Instruction
    		Page Attribute Table
    		Page Size Extension
    		CFLUSH Extension
    		MMX Technology
    		SSE Extensions
    		SSE2 Extensions
    		Hyper-threading Technology
    CPU Brand String: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor           
    		Cache Line Size = 64
    		L2 Associativity = 8
    		Cache Size = 2048K
  • Have you tried to update your video drivers? SM3 and SM4 don’t share any file space whatsoever (only DirectX / VC++) so for them to both stop working at the same time suggests that the issue might be with your system. I would start with rebooting your system once, trying to start SM4 again, then updating your graphics drivers.

    Keep me updated,
  • Thanks a lot Neil for your great support, I really appreciate it :blush:

    Unfortunately updating my graphics card driver didn't fix it,
    but closing MSI Afterburner did.

    these two apps apparently have conflicts with each other,
    so by just closing "MSI Afterburner" and "Riva Tuner" as one of it's components, the problem got fixed.

    Thanks again for all the time and effort you spent on helping me :)
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