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Problem with the Normal Editor in version 4.1.3


I have a problem with the Normal Editor in version 4.1.3

I cannot trace anything with that tool while it works fine in version 2.1.1

I show in this picture an example of patterns traced in the Normal Editor of that old version.

Am I using incorrectly the Normal Editor with the latest version ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



  • I will look into this first thing Monday morning and get back to you.
  • RSI wrote:
    I will look into this first thing Monday morning and get back to you.
  • Quick question.

    Do you mean Line drawing with a drawing tool? Example: Paint once -> Hold SHIFT -> Paint elsewhere and a line is drawn between the two locations.

    This is working on my test systems. If this isn't what you mean then what do you mean by TRACE?
  • Hi,

    Thank you for having verified if my problem could occur on your system.
    It seems that it is relating to my system.

    For the word "trace", please understand it as "draw" in the Normal Editor of Shadermap.

    (I misused that expression because sometimes I use a transparency tool to trace patterns from one application to another one.)

    I hope that you'll better understand what I am doing wrong with this short video :

  • Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate the issue. I'm not really sure what could be causing that problem.

    Here are a couple of things you should try:

    1. Find and delete this directory on your computer. C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4_1
    2. Find and delete this directory as well. C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\SM4_1\panels

    Please note the AppData directory is hidden by default, you will need to enable Hidden Items in the Explorer View settings.

    After that, I recommend running the SM4.1 installer again. Then starting the app. If you are still unable to paint, I would recommend updating your graphics drivers to the latest version.

    Let me know how it goes,
  • Hi Neil,

    I followed step by step your comment to properly reinstall Shadermap Pro 4.1.3 and I updated the drivers of my graphic card (MSI Radeon RX580 Armor 8GB OC).

    The problem with the Normal Editor still occurs with Shadermap 4.1.3 while it works correctly with Shadermap 2.1.1.

    However I made additional tests with some other textures and I noticed that the Normal Editor of Shadermap 4.1.3 works if I load textures of 1K pixels or less.

    In my previous tests, I used textures of 2K and 4K pixels created with Filter Forge 7.

    I share two of those textures in this online secured folder :

    Textures to test the Normal Editor
  • Thank you for sharing the images with me, I’ll run these while in debug mode and find out what is going on. Expect to hear back from me in a couple of days on this issue.
  • I've had a look at the textures you've sent and found something odd. It looks like the Normal Editor IS painting to them it is just not being displayed when zoomed out. If you zoom (mouse scroll) after painting you will see it appear.

    This looks like a problem with mip map generation. I will work on a solution and release an update next week. Thanks so much for bringing this bug to my attention.
  • Thank you Neil.
  • I've updated the installer to 4.1.4 but haven't made it live yet. I was hoping you could download the new version and test the Normal Editor out.


    Let me know,
  • Hello

    I installed the V4.1.4 and did a test
    I can not find a mistake
    please enable this version v4.1.4 live
    so that other users can see it

    Greeting. Steffen
  • Hi,

    Neil, thank you for having given us the opportunity to test the normal editor of this updated version 4.1.4.

    Personally I would be satisfied with that update.
    I tested the normal editor and its tools on textures sizing 2K and 4K pixels and that feature works correctly with my operating system.

    However, even if I consider that it is an insignificant detail, I noticed that "unlocking the normal map" does not fully undo any changes made since lock. Indeed the changes made with the "Shape Tool" remain. But it is easy to delete their corresponding layers when going back in the normal editor.
  • Thanks to both of you for testing that. Version 4.1.4 is now live.


    Unlocking the normal map doesn't destroy the layers, as you've noticed. This was a feature added in a previous version so that users could make additional changes to the base layer settings after adding layers to the map. A quick way to delete all layers is to right-click the node in the Project Grid and select Delete Layers. No need to go back into the editor.

    Thanks again,
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