LUA Error in simple script

I have just bought a licence of ShaderMap in order to automate a simple procedure of converting a normal map to a displacement map. I want to run a script for that, using batch.

However, while running the lua script as generated by ShaderMap, I get the following error:
+ "Start LUA Script Thread" - lua_script_thread() lua_script_thread_functions.cpp:3245
[** ERROR ** "LUA Script Error"] "sm_change_source_map_node() - Failed to change source map object. 
See main log for additional details." - lua_script_thread() lua_script_thread_functions.cpp:3359

I am running the newest Shader Map 4 Pro, on Windows 10, with Lua 5.
  • I do not understand why I need the sm_change_source_map_node(). Removing it crashes ShaderMap while running the script with no error.
  • I have tried both running from cmd and from ShaderMap.

Any ideas? It's a shame buying an application to find the out-of-the-box functionality broken.
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