[FIXED] SM4 Error

I downloaded the ShaderMap 4 application and the Microsoft Directx 9 patch seen on your forum. I run SM4 for the first time: no problem ... but then I get this message:

"Failed to open the brush.order file for write."-ui_n_editor::__save_cur_d_brush_collection_grid_position()ui_n_editor_d_brush_functions.cpp:666

So, what should I do to remedy this problem? Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Bingo,

    For some reason your system is not allowing you to write to the brush order file (Stores the grid order of brushes in the Normal Editor).

    Option 1. Ensure that the following folders are on your system and that you have permission to write to them:
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs\DBrush
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs\DBrush\Standard
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs\NBrush
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs\NBrush\Standard
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs\VBrush
    • C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\ShaderMap\SM4\Libs\VBrush\Standard
    This is where the Normal Editor brushes and files are stored.

    Option 2. The above folders and files are created by ShaderMap if they are not there. So you could try to delete all of these folders then restart SM4 and let ShaderMap rebuild them for you. If it is still unable to build or write to these folders and files, try running SM4 in administrator mode.

    Let me know how it works out.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Neil,
    It works very well now ..
    Thank you very much.
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