Support for UHD / 4K Monitors

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I was wondering if supporting 4k monitors is on your roadmap somewhere. This software is very nice, but its custom interface makes me wonder whether 4k monitors support can be a possibility at all.



  • Since I purchased ShaderMap, I know have UHD monitor with 3840 x 2160.
    ShaderMap, as well as many other applications have tiny UIs as a result.

    I can still use ShaderMap, but now at a disadvantage since I can barely read anything now.

    Ironically, big software companies like Adobe, Unity etc still haven't provided scaling abilities, open source programs like Blender and Krita seem to have solved scaling issues quite quickly, and are very usable on UHD.

    Please understand that UHD monitors are on the horizon, and many of us artists are moving to them for the advantage more pixels give us, especially when creating our own textures, etc .

    Thanks. :shy: 

    PS: To all the rest considering UHD monitors: Be advised that this may not be a good purchase for you, as many programs/software is not yet set up for UHD, as well as the increased demand on your video card to display things as well, perhaps spend your money on a better quality 1920x1080 type display with faster refresh rate instead.
  • Hi 3nu and shader0x,

    Thanks so much for your suggestions. It's time something was done about it.

    On Monday, I'll order a UHD monitor and start working to make ShaderMap DPI aware. At first it may just be scaling up all  controls until all the graphics can be rendered at a larger scale (which may take some time). But at least it will be usable on UHD monitors.

    I'll post back here as progress is made and may request your assistance on testing, let me know if that is okay.

    Best regards,
  • Just wanted to give you guys an update.

    I've just installed a 4K/UHD monitor as my secondary. It runs at 3840 x 2160 resolution. I see what you mean about the small scaling of ShaderMap. That is pretty small!

    Here is a solution I found that will allow you to run most applications that aren't 4K/UHD compatible with auto scaling. And disable this auto scaling on a per application basis.
    1. In Windows Settings -> Display Settings: You can set the Scale and Layout to 200% for the UHD monitor.
    2. For every app that IS 4K/UHD compatible (it has internal scaling) you can do the following:
    3. Right click on the application shortcut or EXE and select Properties.
    4. In the Compatibility Tab, check "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Then select Scaling performed by: System and hit Apply.

    Hope this helps while we develop a scaling implementation.

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