Post Filters

Why do changes to post filters do need a recalculation of the source map?
They should use the calculated map from memory and be fine, shouldn't they?
I had a project with Highres textures that needed a modified AO map. It took ages to find the right filter settings for my needs since every change in the post filter restarted the AO calculation that can take some while...

Would be great if you guys could optimize that :)


  • Hi Zom-B,

    Yes this has been on the list for some time. I will prioritize it. There are caching systems already built into ShaderMap, I just need to hook them up to the filters. This will be the focus of next release. Version 4.0.6 will release later today/tonight then I'll focus on optimizations in December.

    Thanks for your feedback,
  • Great to hear, thanks for your effort to make this piece of software even better.
    I'll keep reporting issues and ideas if I find/have some :)
  • You are very welcome. :)

    I very much welcome the reporting of any issues. Thanks for that.
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