Weird Artifacts when Baking Normals


I have some pretty simple slabs that I want to be bake a normal map for, but for some reason I'm getting some weird artifacts in the middle of faces, and certain normals looking like they're not being baked.

Both my high-poly model and my cage are triangulated, they're the same size and in the same position. The cage was pushed out by 0.1, though the problems persist even if I push them out by 1. Neither the high-poly or the cage have any hidden backfaces.

Here's an image of the problems:

Let me know if you need the project.


  • Hey Nova,

    I'd be happy to investigate this. If you could send the project to me that would be great. 

    You could email it to: support (at) or post a link here.

  • Just an update. This issue has been fixed and will be included in the 4.0.6 update.

    The update will be released on Monday the 27th of this month. The reason for the delay is that there were a number of bug reports that came in late in this development cycle and I want to have them all fixed before pushing the update. Thanks for your patience.

    Best regards,
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