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ShaderMap 4.0.4 News

Hi Everyone,

I've been working hard on SM4.0.4 and it looks like it will be released during the first week of October.

Here's what you can expect:
  • A new Auto Cage system 
  • Importing of Material IDs from 3D Models
  • Scripting with LUA


  • Just a quick update on this. Looks like version 4.0.4 will be released on Tuesday October 10, 2017

    Will keep you posted :)
  • Another update. 

    We are ready for launch of 4.0.4 but are going to delay the release a few days to change the behavior of ShaderMap at startup. Some actions such as updating files in the "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ShaderMap" seem to be causing false positive alerts from some Anti Virus software.

    Best regards,
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