ShaderMap 3.0.6 Released

What's New in ShaderMap 3.0.6
  • UV Channel Selection in Visualizer - Allow selection of Geo UV channel in Material Visualizer. Control is under the 3d preview window.
  • UV Channel Selection for 3D Nodes - Allow selection of UV channel in 3D node properties. Controls for main and cage type models.
  • Optimizations - Decrease ray casts when picking models in the Material Visualizer. Increased speed of tessellation algorithm using multi-threading.
  • SDK Geo Import Changes - SDK 3D Import plugins can now import multiple UV channels to ShaderMap. The gp_create_render_geometry() and gp_create_node_geometry() function parameters have changed to allow for this. See the SDK geo import examples.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Memory Leak - Filter Dialog not released if open when app is closed.
    • Project Grid model reload button sometimes disabled when should be enabled.
    • Normal corruption/loss when importing some models into ShaderMap as nodes.
    • Getting extra subsets in 3D Model Setup for scenes with multiple objects.
    • Crash on toggle overlay in Normal Editor when template nodes are in the project.


Download the demo version here.

ShaderMap 3 is available for just $49.95. That includes all version 3 updates plus 3 installations per seat license. Additional seats are only $29.95.

Existing customers can log in to upgrade to ShaderMap 3 for just $29.95.
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