Save Presets and UV Tiles

Hi there.

Let me congratulate you guys for the great software.  
In working on a UV tile object. I have several textures that I need to create normal and displacement. I would like to create a presets of my normal and displacement values so I can apply them to my other textures. 

Is there a way of doing that.   :blush:

Also, is there in the future a way of previewing multiple tiles objects ?

Cheers !


  • Hello,

    You can do this by using Templates. First create a project with the normal and displacement settings you want to use with other source maps. Next save the project as a ShaderMap Template File. See:

    To save a project as a template file, click the Disk Icon (Save Project) located at the top of the Main Interface. In the "Save As Type" drop list, select ShaderMap Template. The Template will be saved to file. When loaded, all source nodes will be empty (and need to be loaded). All your original map settings will persist.

    If you want to add the Template to the Start Screen in the "Template Lib" drop list, simply copy the Template file to the following folder: "C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\ShaderMap\SM3\Libs\Template". This is useful if you use a specific template file often.

    Defining individual presets  for map nodes is not currently available.

    Please further describe what you are asking for here: "Also, is there in the future a way of previewing multiple tiles objects ?" Thank you.

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